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The Iraq War (2003- ) in Images, Comments, Perspectives

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Defining images of the Iraq War and the chaos that followed, in which hundreds of thousands of the country’s people died, alongside thousands of US soldiers, with 10s of thousands of American soldiers going home mamed, broken, and/or traumatized.

To be perfectly frank, i do not care that 200 british citizens died. I care they died fighting an Illegal war based on misinformation for what is clearly an engineered event over global resources. I mourn the millions of dead the armed forces killed... I am disgusted the government of the day did not listen to the people it governed, and we pay for it today.

150 000 Iraqis died and the world IS IN grave danger today than it was under saddam. They lied and we got fooled. We lost lives and them even more so and did we stop there? We added Afghanistan and Syria and Libya- stable countries and helped aid others to burn their countries.To the world Britain and USA are seen as terrorist but to Britain and USA the world is a terrorist - now we just have to work out the numbers to work out who terrorises who the most and is creating war in this world. I'm worried the answer may actually lie closer than we think.

Bush and Blair must brought to justice because the war they went to Iraq was falsely accused and propoganda they are responsible the thousands of people dead on that war whether is civilians or soldiers. They created alqaeda network all around the world and put that blame on muslims and the reason they created this network was their especial intrest look any angle of the globe theres no peace most of the countries they have inside insurgents wheres Syria, Libia, Yemen, Somalia, and Afghanistan they were saying Sadam Hussein had nuclier why they didnt find the weapon they were saying that he had? If they didnt have especial intrest why they didnt wait till the AIEA investigators report? They lied to their people and the world as well. They hunged to death a legitimate president of Iraq. If theres a justice they should be hunged like the way they did to Sadam Hussein other wise we are living unreal world.

He got one thing right, it was "one of the most defining moments of our century." A moment that has brought on war that has orphaned hundreds of thousands of children, that has killed and disabled civilians, divided the country and the world, destroyed people's homes, lives, dreams and hopes.

What success you're talking about??? This war has lead to the creation of ISIS n DAISH. More and more innocent people are dying, more soldiers are being included in the list of fallen soldiers. Is this what you wanted. You have taken peace from this world. Bush, Tony Blair are war criminals. Should and must be trailed for the brutal barbaric war crimes committed.

I would like to thank you all Americans am Kurdish from Erbil Iraq no matter what others think about the devil Sadam but we as Kurdish well never forget what you guys have done for as still thousands of trouble appeared since but sadam is no longer exist at the end I would like to say sorry to Americans and Iraqis family for their lost and loved 1 GOD bless you all 1 love me bad man Dashty.

A whole century started on the wrong track because of this "accidental" war. Blair was right. A defining moment in history it was, but he went on to blame it on the soldiers by saying "you did it!". I'd say there are just four names who did all of the real work of this human catastrophe: Cheney, Bush, Blair and Rumsfeld. It's hard to see a problem today that doesn't come from their insane decisions.

You know what is disgusting about all of this? You know what is disgusting about westerners? That they will continue to do this, daily. The only language your countries understand is the language of weapons, history have told us this, the future will tell the same.

For centuries your nation have plundered , murdered , destroyed , invaded , tortured , rapes other nations accross the Globe . .and you still DON'T LEARNED . .? ! Remember , nobody lives forever , we die , you die , but . . .there's a distinct difference . . .the Murdered and the Murderer . .! Aren't you afraid of the Day of Judgement . .? !


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